Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yay, I am a Winner!

Thank you Anne for thinking of me when handing out this award!
Now for the seven things I love:
1. I love the Lord Jesus.
2. I love my husband and my 2 precious daughters.
3. I love pancake evenings.
4. I love crisp winter mornings and warm summer days.
5. I love painting.
6. I love a good comedy.
7. I love going to the theatre.
So there you have it, seven things I love.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Time for a Breath and a Cup of Tea

I have been working so hard that when people ask how I am, I have to take a moment to think.
I am getting one of my last orders out for a dance festival on the 04th of April and then I have a huge order that has to be done for a rally before our elections on the 22nd of April. It is good to be so busy, especially in these times.
My girls have been grateful for the extra bit of playtime I have allowed them this week due to my work load and have been very understanding. I am so blessed to have these two precious little pies. Did I mention that I have this home business due to them?
Today, at tea time, I took a moment to walk outside with my cup of hot tea and feel the sun on my skin. It still feels like summer at midday, but our early mornings and evenings are getting a bit on the chilly side. I noticed that all the leaves are starting to turn yellow and the birds are beginning to gather together to fly away to warmer regions.
There are certain things that I love about winter - hot chocolate (made with frothy hot milk and real dark chocolate), soup, warm cuddles from my children (who are both knitting their first scarves) and the crisp blue skies. Winter also has a comforting smell, the smell of fireplaces burning brightly in many homes. BUT winter brings with it ice cold wind that seems to go through every layer you have managed to put on and once I am cold, nothing can warm me.
Well, I suppose, every season holds it's good and bad things. It is up to us to just make the best of it.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where do I start?

Hello all! We are now going into our third week of homeschool! I can't believe how time has just flown by. This last week we studied the history of writing and wrote our names in clay using Cuneiform. This is what Caitlyn's name looks like:

I have not been able to post for some time as my hubby had to "redo" my computer as I could not upload any pics or post comments etc. Then we have also had 2 tragedies that we were going through. The first tragedy was the cat next door somehow got one of our baby guinea pigs (Vanilla). My neighbor was so distraught, she bought us a huge bouquet of flowers to tell us how sorry she is.

The second tragedy is that the 2 boy guinea pigs had not been getting on very well since Sasha has come out of the "maternity ward". We started seeing tufts of hair lying around the garden and then three nights ago I was woken by terrible squealing. The next morning Toffee was lying whimpering. I took him inside and after inspection saw he had wounds on his neck. I doctored his wounds but the rest of the day he was having fits and whimpering. It was emotionally destroying to see him like that (I am still trying to recover). Well, that night he took a turn for the worse and did not make it to the morning. So now we just have 3 guinea pigs.

Goodbye, Vanilla, goodbye Toffee, we know your lives were good in the time you were with us. You sure did enrich our lives.