Friday, June 26, 2009

Air and Fire Experiment

1. Use modelling clay to stick a candle upright in the centre of a small plate or tray.
2. Pour water in until it is about 2cm deep.
3. Light candle and place a glass/glass jar over it. The rim of the jar must be under the water, resting on the bottomm
4. Watch the candle flame carefully as soon as the jar is in place.
You will see the water level rise inside the glass/jar. It does this to replace the oxygen that was used up by the burning flame.
Once the oxygen is used up, the flame goes out.
Try this, it really works. We did this yesterday and the water is still inside the glass.
Let me know how yours turn out!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mmmm, Chicken Pie!

It's chicken pie for supper tonight, YAY!
Caitlyn and Jaina also had a "finger in the pie" ha ha. Yes, they made the pastry cut outs to decorate the top and had such fun painting the egg on the finished product.
Who knew leftover chicken ala king could be such fun!
What is your favourite thing to do with your leftovers?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Do Love to be Beside the Seaside!

Last week we went to Umhloti in Kwazulu Natal, for the week. Now bear in mind that we have not been away for over 2 years (not even a weekend).
We have been counting down the sleeps for such a long time. Caitlyn and Jaina had a great time in the sea (I must say that I did too!).
As you can see in the pic below, we had "visitors" that came looking for food most mornings! What a great life they must have, free food and look how peaceful he looks, gazing out to sea (or is it a biscuit he has spotted on the next balcony??).
At the swimming beach, the tide went out to reveal 2 beautiful swimming pools. There were swells and waves that the girls were "surfing" on.
On the rocks were huge groups of green anenemies(sp?) or sea flowers. It facinated Jaina who spent ages closing them all ("putting them to sleep for their mommy" - is what she said).
At night we toasted marshmallows over a fire. Notice the sea in the backround?
Then one morning, I was walking along the rocks and walked by a group of girls with a very broad American accent. I asked them where they were from and they said Michigan, USA. They told me that they were students touring South Africa. I told them that we were actually from Johannesburg and were enjoying an extended summer. Yes, here in JHB we are having very chilly weather right now.
Well, summer is officially over for us and it is back to the school books (next to the heater) for us!