Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here we are, almost in the middle of another year again.  I must say we have had an exciting, productive year so far and are looking forward to things that lie ahead.

It has now been a year that my husband is working from home, you can see what he is getting up to at .  Our girls and I have have loved having him at home with us, being able to share in many of their learning experiences.

My business too has grown in leaps and bound, with a new website , that keeps me busy in every spare moment I have, next to school and the running of my home.

Caitlyn and Jaina have already learnt so much about business, the running of it and the hard work and determination that goes into making something a success.  We are glad to be able to instill that entrepreneurial spirit in them at their young age.

This year is also a special one, as my oldest daughter Caitlyn is turning 13........ 13!! I am going to have a teenager in the house!  She is turning into such a confident, helpful young lady and my heart is warmed by the maturity she shows in situations she is faced with.

Until my next post, be blessed!