Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Good Week!!

What a great week this has been! My brother (17 years old) has been staying with us while my parents are away for their anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Mom and Dad!!
It has been wonderful to have the chats that usually we don't have much opportunity for. He has been great, even making his bed everymorning after waking at 05h30. Ha ha ha, I think my Mom might just send him back for a refresher course every now and then.
The girls have also been good this week, I have not had to sort out any fights or arguments. In fact, it is almost like they have grown up having their uncle around. Caitlyn has been helping me around the house and not once have I had to say "make your bed" or "get dressed". By the time I am out my bedroom, all beds are made, bodies are dressed and all are ready for breakfast - WOW!
I hope that this lasts for a while, it has been good not to have the stress of rushing in the morning before school.
Our baby guinea pigs have also come to stay, they are officially known as Pepsi and Toffee. It is just amazing how fast they have come to know us. Everytime I now open the fridge door or the outside gate, I can hear them "wheeting" (a sound close to what birds make, not at all a squeek).
That's it for now, only 48 days left to the end of school, yippee!!

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