Sunday, October 5, 2008

Aaaah, Back to School!

Well, it is the end of another holiday break and it is back to school tommorow. Shoes are polished and bags are packed, ready to start the last term of the year.
We have started the countdown and there are now 8 weeks / 57 days to the end of school and I just know they are going to go in a flash. With exam prep, school concerts and all the buzz that goes with preparing for the Christmas holidays, we will look again and it is over.
We are all looking forward to starting home school next year. It is a new adventure and an exciting one too.
Well, my girls are fed and bathed and in bed, on time! Wow, we didn't manage that once during the holidays.
Let's have a breather and a cup of tea and plan for what lies ahead.

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