Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to the World, little ones!

Well, our week took a turn for the better. Our guinea pig, Sasha, had started looking somewhat "well rounded". I got the feeling she might be pregnant.
As a precaution, we set her aside from the male guinea pigs, in her own little spot - as they all have free run of the garden.
Caitlyn and Jaina came running in, at lunch time, shouting "Mommy, she is licking something!" and "I saw a little brown face!"
What precious little things did I see when going down to the garden. 2 perfect little babies, in good health and Sasha is well. The girls were overjoyed to to see the new little arrivals.
Below is a video of the little ones in the "big outdoors" for the first time.

On Friday night, my dear Husband came home from work and told me to get ready, he is taking me out. He had arranged for the children to go to his parents. After we dropped them off, we went for something to drink, then a movie (The Duchess) and he booked a table for supper in a nice restaurant afterwards. What a nice valentine surprise! I keep telling him that now I know why I married him, ha ha ha.


Anne said...

Oh what a wonderful surprise. It sounds like you had a lovely evening together.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Mandi...Thanks for calling in from Inspired room...another new reader :-)..

What a wonderful surprise by your husband..and he arranged it all, that is what I call a good man!

Must be strange for you to see all that was a fantastick walk..can't believe you are having summer, well I can, it just seems strange. Enjoy your summer!

Anne said...

Just poppin' in to say hello! ☺

Craig, Taryn and our blessings said...

what fun! a great lesson in life for the girls. I picked up that you've got me on your blogroll, after I followed your comment to your blog. *honoured* ! :) Enjoy your day!

Anne said...

I hope all is well! =)