Thursday, April 16, 2009

Homeschooling and Loving it!

We only started homeschooling at the beginning of March as we ordered late and had to wait for our books to arrive. So, during the school break over Easter, we worked through. Not that it was too much of a punishment, as we are all loving the learning!
In South African history we have been learning about the Bushmen or San People. No one really knows why they did these beautiful drawings on their cave walls. Some say that it was done during story telling or braging sessions, others say it was to teach strategy for hunting the next day. It could even have just been for decoration. Whatever it was for, it tells us the story of the people who once lived there.
Jaina had to draw her own bushman art and Caitlyn had to write a story as if she were a young bushman, explaining why she did this drawing, what materials she used to create it and what her family thought about it when she was done. I must say, even though I am her mother, she is quite the story writer. One day I will post one of her stories and you can tell me what you think ....

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Anne said...

Wow I give you a lot of credit to do homeschooling. It seems like it's working out well for you and the girls. I have to say, the things that you have posted about it is very interesting. I'm even likeing it. =)