Sunday, April 19, 2009

Viva South Africa!!

Yes, once you have heard a lion roar in the bush in the early hours of the evening, seen an elephant majestically cross the path in front of you, looked into the eye of a buffalo a few meters away, stood at the tip of the mountain at Cape Point and watched the two oceans meet, lived and breathed in this beautiful country of South Africa, you can travel far and wide, but still know that South Africa is your home!
We have our elections coming up on Wednesday 22 April, please pray that it will be peaceful and that God's will be done concerning the future of our country.


Manderly said...

Hi Mandi!
It looks like you are having so much fun homeschooling. We learned about South Africa last month and I thought of you often. :) Showed Caeden your blog and he got a kick out of the fact that when we are just starting our day your girls are just ending theirs. :) Hope you are well! Have a blessed day!

Anne said...

Just said a little prayer. Your country sounds just beautiful. =)

Sandra said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. We'll be praying for the elections tomorrow.