Friday, May 1, 2009

Greek History - Minotaur!

As the legend goes, the Minotaur was half-bull and half-man and lived in a huge maze under the palace of Knossos. A brave young Greek prince called Theseus set out to kill it. The daughter of king Minos gave Theseus a magic sword and a ball of thread. The deeper Theseus went into the maze, he kept unwinding the thread, leaving a trail behind him. He used the magic sword to kill the monster and then followed the thread back to the outside world.
What made this lesson even more interesting was that the palace of Knossos still exists today and you can do the virtual tour at , when you move over the pictures hold the mouse button down and you can "look around" in 3D. We tried to find the entrance to the maze to find the Minotaur, but sadly had no success.
Let me know if you find anything! :-)

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Anne said...

No, I couldn't find the entrance either but the virtual thing was really cool. I'm sure you and your girls had a lot fun with this.