Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sasha is Pregnant Again!

Our guinea pig, Sasha, is pregnant again.
Much to the delight of Caitlyn and Jaina. You see the last time she had 2 babies, we put her and the babies into an enclosure, one of the neighborhood cats got in and took both of the babies. I think it was because there was no where for them to hide. Now, I think that we must leave it up to Sasha and let her have her babies in the garden and be free to run and hide wherever they need to.
She is due any day now as her tummy is really bulging on both sides. Seems like she will have 2 again.
I will post pics as soon as they arrive!


Anne said...

Aw, I bet your girls are really excited! Yeah hopefully they will be able to find good hiding places where the cat won't be able to catch them.

Robert said...

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