Friday, June 26, 2009

Air and Fire Experiment

1. Use modelling clay to stick a candle upright in the centre of a small plate or tray.
2. Pour water in until it is about 2cm deep.
3. Light candle and place a glass/glass jar over it. The rim of the jar must be under the water, resting on the bottomm
4. Watch the candle flame carefully as soon as the jar is in place.
You will see the water level rise inside the glass/jar. It does this to replace the oxygen that was used up by the burning flame.
Once the oxygen is used up, the flame goes out.
Try this, it really works. We did this yesterday and the water is still inside the glass.
Let me know how yours turn out!


Anne said...

Wow, this is something that I'll have to try out with my little guy. I was going to say, I hope your summer is going good but then I just remembered that your probably into your winter. Wether your sweating or shivering, lol...I hope your days are going well.

Anne said...

Miss you friend! ♥

kaggemannen said...

I Just want to say Happy birthday to you and your blog!:)And that you have a very beautiful blog!

Anne said...

Hi Mandi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow, you have been busy! Good luck with writing your book. I give you and ladies who home school, much credit. I don't know if I could ever undergo that task. I give you a lot of respect for taking on that challenge. I wish you continued success with your endeavors. Good luck to you and your family! P.S. I hope your winter wasn't to cold for you all. You mentioned previously when my spring started, South Africa was going into Autumn. Now that the U.S., Michigan is beginning Autumn, I'm assuming South Africa is into Spring!