Monday, June 15, 2009

Mmmm, Chicken Pie!

It's chicken pie for supper tonight, YAY!
Caitlyn and Jaina also had a "finger in the pie" ha ha. Yes, they made the pastry cut outs to decorate the top and had such fun painting the egg on the finished product.
Who knew leftover chicken ala king could be such fun!
What is your favourite thing to do with your leftovers?


Anne said...

What a great idea to get the girls involved. If I'm baking or cooking something that I know my son can help with, I'll invite him to pull up a stool to help me. He likes watching all of the ingredients come together, tasting and just helping. Hope your having a nice day.

A human kind of human said...

Alas, in my family leftovers never lasts until a next meal. (lol)