Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, not so Blue

Monday. Not so bad, it is the end of the term and we have 2 weeks of school holidays to look forward to. The girls have a heritage picnic to go to tommorow morning and then school is done for a while. Hooray!
It has been quite a weekend, we added 2 new members to our family. Little baby guinea pigs, born on Friday, 19 September 2008, at 12h00! They are still too young to take home with us and will have to be visited often as the girls want to see how they change (they do grow so quickly). They are so sweet and so tiny, we watched how they suckled from their mom and how she groomed them. She was so protective, continuously tucking them under her tummy.
We have another guinea pig (Sasha), she needs new friends as her sister died in July (sneaking suspicion it was the garden service) and we have a dog (Zoe) that thinks that she is the mother of the guinea pigs (she is a cross between a maltese and a toy pom).
Well, we now have a 3 week wait until we can fetch them. I will be sure to post pics as soon as they are home.
Today we also handed in 3 weeks notice at the school - its now official, we are going to start homeschooling from next year - can't wait!
Yay, it's Army Wives on the telly tonight - something to look forward to once the girls are in bed.
Soon Caitlyn and Jaina will be home from their class at Club V (at Virgin Active), tired and hungry, so I am off now to get the supper on.
Have a great evening!

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