Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spring is in the Air

This morning, after watering the garden, I could not help but take this picture of my Japanese Maple tree. This is the reason why this time of the year is my favourite. The new greens are just so fresh, everything is budding with the promise of life and things to come. A new start is what we all need to keep us going.
Yes, I love capturing images, having a moment in time stopped for all eternity. I can't say if I am any good at it, but it is what I love to do.
As you can see, our tomatoes are starting to ripen. This plant grew out of the compost I made last summer.
The Peas have also finally sprouted. This is now my third attempt. First weather got them and then the dreaded slug! Here's hoping we are actually going to see some peas soon, it looks promising.
As I am typing, I hear the happy squeals of my children running through the sprinkler. Wonderful, after being bundled up the whole of winter.
Here comes summer!

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