Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Pie for Breakfast

Yes, it is holidays! It is nice to have a slow start in the mornings and lazy days. This morning my daughters and I had apple pie and cream for Breakfast, deelish!! We don't have it everyday and once in a while won't hurt.
This weekend we went to visit our baby guinea pigs and are wondering what their names should be. The one is almost completely black, with a brown ring around it's tummy and white toes and butt. We are sure we are going to call this one Pepsi. The other one is more patchy (I suggested Patch, but no go), the girls are thinking of Sugar, Toffee or Sweetie as names. This time the babies were not tucked under their mom so much and she was trying to teach them how to eat pellets.
I must now do the dishes and vacuum and much later off to gym (must get rid of some of that apple pie, ha ha ha!)
Happy holidays!

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