Saturday, January 10, 2009


It has been a busy week, but a very good busy!
The schools are opening and all the dance shops are starting to place their orders with me. This is a small business I started nearly 6 years ago and I now have 6 ladies working part time for me making hair accessories for dancers. I love doing this, as I feel that I am still contributing to the family income but also have the flexibility to be with my children and now to homeschool them.
We will be starting school towards the end of next week, so I am trying to get the bulk of the orders done and the rest of the stock packed - ready to post when needed. If you are interested in having a look at all the products please feel free to visit, I would love to hear your comments.
Hope you are all having a great weekend, it's back to work for me!


Anne said...

I've tagged you! Please stop by my blog for details. No bloggy pressure though. =)

Anne said...

what beautiful bun nets you offer. Do you make those yourself? I hope your business continues to prosper. =)