Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, my Gogh!

Art Lesson - Vincent van Gogh! What a sad, sad life story, of a depressed, lonely man with such an amazing talent.
At first he worked in an art gallery, did teaching, worked in a book store and even became a preacher like his father. But none of this made him happy or fulfilled. He then took art lessons and started drawing and then painting.
He started painting pictures of the desparately poor people that he tried to help when he was a preacher. The colours were very dark and disimal. One day he saw some Japanese art and the bright colours and shapes influenced his work.
His paintings seemed to come alive with colour and movement. Looking at this painting I can almost feel the wind in my hair!
This painting is known as one of his last. Looking at the road that leads to a dark unknown, almost depicts the end of his life. Shortly afterwards he shot himself and died 2 days later. Caitlyn and Jaina were most upset hearing this and could not understand how someone can get so desparately sad and lonely.
Eeeek, sorry to post such a sad story right before the weekend, but it interested me so.
We have kids club again this afternoon, not sure what the theme is, but will post on what we do.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Anne said...

Your right, you can almost feel the wind if you were standing in those paintings. Didn't he get his ear cut off or something like that? I liked this post. It was very interesting. I can see how young children might not understand it at their age but it's good that their being exposed to art and the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Have a nice weekend!

Manderly said...

Mandi! Thanks for sharing those links! I am going to check them out later today. I just wanted to say that I am so excited for your homeschooling adventure and you are just on it as far as fun things to do. You just started last week and you are covering so mnay great things! Have fun. :)

Dawn said...

I love Van Gogh – lovely pictures!