Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Today, It's Today!!

For our family, home school started today!
Fun and great learning was in store for us. The girls were beside themselves with excitement. I must say that I too couldn't wait.
We started off with a quick walk for some fresh air and our water bottles. When we got back we did our prayer with daily scripture and devotional.
The girls then did a puzzle while I got a few things done in the house. We moved on to English (penmanship and reading) and then had a tea break. After tea it was Maths, History (San and Khoi people of the Kalahari Desert) and Geography (mountain ranges of South Africa). Lunch Break with Daddy (came home from work for the occasion) and then finished off with Literature.
What started off as a "High Five Sisty, we are homeschoolers now!" turned into a .... WRESTLING MATCH!!
They were left begging for more but you know, tommorow is another day!

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Anne said...

Oh how wonderful and exciting! Good luck to you and your family with homeschooling. It sounds like the first day was a great success!