Sunday, December 21, 2008

The best day ever!

Yip, this was Jaina's description of our day yesterday. We spent the morning playing Pick up Sticks and looking at old family photo's. We reminisced about Christmases gone by of family no longer with us. They were privileged to know their Great Grandparents and we spoke of Uncles and Cousins that are also waiting for us in heaven. My Mom has got Christmas baubels, with our names and the names of all our family that are in heaven, on her Christmas tree - to remember everyone at Christmas time.
Then in the afternoon, when it got a bit cooler, we went to my parents home for a swim. What a relief to get away from the heat for a little while. They were all saying "Mom, stop taking photos and get in the pool"!
This is a photo of a tree my Mom decorated outside by the pool for Christmas.
And this is the top part of their garden, what an inspiration!
Last night, we went to friends for a braai (barbeque). Their daughter is a few months older than Jaina, but all 3 girls get on very well.
So this was Jaina's idea of the best day ever. No expensive toys or outings - just good times!

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Anne said...

Boy thanks for sharing those pics of the plants that you have in South Africa. Those trees are just beautiful!