Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freedom at last

It has nearly been 3 months since our baby guinea pigs were born. Toffee (black and white) and Pepsi (black and brown) have become very tame in the last 2 weeks and have almost tripled in size.
They have been driving me crazy with their wheeting, wheeting, begging to get out of their house and on to the sweet grass. We have been cautious to let them out on their own as we live in a neighborhood with many cats.
Sasha, our oldest guinea pig, has been visiting them a few times a day and even spent the other night with them in their house. They all seem to get on very well together. Sasha seems to know that they are still babies and they seem to treat her like their mother as the first time they had contact with her, they were looking for milk.
So finally, we have let them run free. They are exploring all Sasha's tunnels and hiding places she has in the garden. It is wonderful to see how excited they are about life, running around and eating all the grass they want.
My neighbor said to me the other day "every home needs children and animals" - how true. I cannot count how many times I laugh or smile each and everyday because of these blessings that I have in my home.


Anne said...

These little guinea pigs are so cute! I've never had one. The grass looks so green there. Didn't you mention that you lived in Africa? What part of Africa do you live in? What brought you to Africa? I'm from United States. Did you ever live in the U.S.? Because you had mentioned seeing snow when you were a child. I have to say, you peeked my curiousity! :-) Thanks for sharing the pics.

Anne said...

Oh sorry to bother you again for the same post but I noticed your post time was 9:11. If you'd like you can find a post on my blog about that number that always shows up in my life. If your interested. Have a good day!

Mandi said...

Yes, this time of the year for us, the grass is very green (not a snowflake in site). I must say I am very jelous, it must be wonderful to have a white Christmas. We live in Johannesburg, South Africa (proudly known as the country Mandela comes from). I was born here and have never had the opportunity to leave the country but would love to travel when the children are a little older. The snow I saw as a child was from a freek storm that blew in, even our winters here are pretty much mild. I will be over soon to check out your post on 9:11.
Have a great day!