Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Carols

This weekend we had Christmas Carols at church. Caitlyn and Jaina have been going to the holiday club every morning last week and have joined the children choir, practicing everyday.
There was much excitment and nerves as they waited backstage.

Finally, all the practicing and waiting was over and they performed like the little stars they are.
Well, here we are with only a week before Christmas, most of my shopping is done - just a few last minute goodies to still get.
We have my husband's parents over for Christmas eve. I am cooking a hot meal with a glazed gammon and all the trimmings and my Mom-in-law is making a delish trifle.
Then on Christmas day we are headed off to my parents and I will be helping my Mom cook lunch after church. We will be doing gammon, roast leg of lamb and a chicken with walnut stuffing. Then roast potatoes and veg, which will be roast butternut with blue cheese with pecan nuts and a salad. For pudding - the traditional Christmas pud with custard, trifel and vanilla icecream with homemade choc fudge sauce (for my Dad, as he doesn't eat raisens). If it doesn't rain (it always seems to on Christmas day) we will swim the rest of the afternoon. By then we are actually so full, we feel as though we could sink to the bottom of the pool.
Yesterday was my wedding anniversary - 14 years. We took the girls to see Madagascar 2 and then went out for a wonderful supper. It amazes me that even after knowing someone for so many years, we still are learning and growing with each other. I think a relationship cannot stand still, it has to grow and change over the years, otherwise it will just fade away. I loved getting married at this time of the year, as when we went on honeymoon, there were Christmas decorations everywhere - it was, and still is very special.
Happy last minute prep to all!

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Anne said...

what a nice post. It seems like you have a nice traditional meal planned out for your Christmas dinner. I bet your kids had a blast singing in the choir once they lost their butterflies. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. I just love the new look of your blog. It looks really nice. Merry Christmas to to you and your family.