Monday, December 8, 2008

In the Summertime

What a weekend!
We planned with friends of ours to go to a Carols by Candlelight, with the Welsh Male Choir, at our local botanical gardens. It promised to be a wonderful day with only 20% chance of rain. We got all our picnic goodies (spare ribs, sausages, salad and for pudding - chocolate fudge with pistachios and Christmas mince pies) and found our perfect spot. Once we had settled, a few clouds started gathering and a light breeze started blowing. Thankfully we were sitting under a large thorn tree as the first of the rain drops started to fall, the optimist in me said "it will be over in a few minutes" - my famous last words. The sky opened up and down came the rain and then came the hail - we wrapped our children in picnic blankets, but we all looked like drowned rats. The whole event was cancelled and the children did so much want to see father Christmas. All was not lost as we were still able to hand in clothes and toys that the children do not use anymore for orphanages in the area.
Our friends went home and put on dry clothes and brought their picnic things to us and we all still had a good time. We put on Christmas carols and our girls put on a show of dancing for us. It didn't turn out too bad after all!
This morning I took these pictures of the garden, not a cloud in sight - but this is a good thing as I need to get my washing dry.
Can you spot Toffee in the picture (bottom left corner)?
I couldn't resist taking a pic of a "guinea pig window" in one of their tunnels!


Anne said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear that the event was cancelled out...bummers. But it sounds like it still ended well. :-)

Anne said...

I was just stopping by to say hello. Have a nice week.