Friday, November 14, 2008

One Week Down

... and one and a half still to go!
Exams are half way through and the weekend is finally here. So far so good, Caitlyn has said she has coped with everything asked in the papers she has written this week. The proof will be in the much waited for report, lets keep our fingers crossed.
Next week we have Arts and Culture, History, Geography, Bible Education and Technology. Let's not be hasty and wish life away, but it would be nice to breathe easy knowing that the exams are over.
Today I have given her a break from learning as this afternoon they have Kids Club at Clearwater Mall and the theme is Tinkerbell - sounds like it should be fun.
As I am typing, the smell of scrambled eggs is wafting up to me, Caitlyn is making lunch for her sister and herself. She has become independant so quickly, learning how to cook e.t.c. She even wanted to iron her own shirt the other day for school and was so proud to wear it.
Well, here is to the weekend, may we have a bit of sunshine.

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