Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Today!

Finally, the day has arrived - the last day of school as we know it!
From here forward I will be officially homeschooling my two daughters. What an exciting privillege. We are all looking forward to this adventure before us. The road will be long, at times will seem tiring but all good things are worth it in the end.
We have done the end of year concerts and the school Christmas Parties (the last was this morning for Jaina). Caitlyn, has been off school for 2 days due to sun stroke and a bad case of sunburn - due to the survival day they had on Wednesday. She just went in this morning to say goodbye to friends - one is moving back to Sudan - then came home with a big smile and Christmas presents under her arm from them.
Next on the list is getting out the Christmas music and decorating the tree. What fun!!


tam said...

Happy Merry SITSmas!
~Tam :D

Anne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog over at Peek-A-Boo Street and thank you for becoming a new follower! I just love to hear from new people. I like your blog. It seem like you really have an upbeat personality with now taking on the task of homeschooling and decorating for the holiday! You must have alot of energy. Hey us mom's got to! I became a follower of your blog to. It was nice meeting you!