Thursday, November 13, 2008

SO Stupid, SO embarrassed!

This morning, was one of THOSE mornings!
It started off well, leaving for school on time, getting to school on time, despite the traffic as a result of the rain.
After taking my girls to their classrooms, I went back to my car. Now, let me just set the scene - I am parked outside the windows of the main hall, outside which there are huge signs saying, "SILENCE!" because the matric students are writing their final exams.
I start the car, wave to one of the dad's we know and let out the clutch ... the car was not in reverse ... it launches forward, I slam the brake and my elbow hit the hooter ... PAAAAARP!!! Well, needless to say, the dad looked somewhat embarrassed and quickly got into his car and drove away!
My only hope was, as I hit myself repeatedly on the head with my fist, is that the rain covered windscreen was hiding my red, shiny face as I drove away with windows quickly misting up!

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